Manufacturing Facility

Based in Ballyburden, just outside Ballincollig in Co. Cork, Feoil O’Criostoir Teo is a family-run abattoir that benefits from the comprehensive knowledge and expertise of owner-manager, Criostoir O’Crualaoi.

Here at Feoil O’Criostoir, we’re delighted to operate a purpose-built abattoir that’s considered the best medium-sized abattoir in Ireland.

  • Our state-of-the-art premises and processing equipment are specifically designed to dress beef and lamb in both a traditional and hygienic manner.
  • The unique design of our slaughter-line enables us to dress the animal without using water on the carcasses. This approach results in the carcasses having a firm, dry fat cover.
  • At Feoil O’Criostoir, slaughtering, boning, butchering and dry-aging are all carried out with unrivalled professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Our unique standards across each and every stage of the processing cycle always result in 100% traceable, quality-assured, great-tasting Irish meat!